Filtran video inédito de Freddie Mercury; se vuelve viral en las redes

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A través de las redes sociales se viralizó un video en el que aparece el cantante fallecido Freddie Mercury junto a sus compañeros de Queen en la fiesta de celebración por el lanzamiento del tema ‘One Vision’.

El momento fue grabado en 1985 y durante la fiesta en honor al álbum ‘A Kind of Magic’.

En la grabación se logra ver al famoso cantante mostrando que era una persona espontánea y extrovertida.

Mercury saca la lengua, conversa con sus amigos, come, bebe y sobre todo, sonríe todo el tiempo como sólo él lo solía hacer antes de que el VIH Sida terminara con su vida en 1991.

Este video inédito que causó sensación entre los fanáticos de Queen fue publicado a través de una cuenta de fans, y en la descripción del mismo se puede leer el siguiente mensaje: ‘Espero que disfrutes este video, porque estamos muy bendecidos con él. Sólo mira lo adorables que son los integrantes de Queen’.

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💥 The One Vision Release Party 💥⁣ ⁣ 👉 Freddie having fun with his friends is one of the best things there is and a song like One Vision definitely deserves a big party! 🎊 I hope you enjoy this footage, cause we’re so blessed with it. Just look at how adorable they are ❤️ ⁣ ⁣ 💿 Queen was inspired to write this by their Live Aid appearance in 1985 – millions of people sharing one vision of a better world. When the band was approached to perform at Live Aid, they were in a rut and reticent to appear. But after their show-stopping performance, they re-entered the studio with renewed energy. They were back in Munich (a place they had previously hit trouble during the Hot Space sessions), but this time spent a lot of time working in the studio, not being distracted by drugs or other distractions – unlike the earlier sessions.⁣ ⁣ 🎙 All four band members helped writing this. Most Queen songs were written separately, mostly out of a desire to keep writing credits to themselves – Brian May has often hinted in interviews that he was quite possessive of his own songs. But this also made sure their songs didn't all sound alike. The idea of writing a song together came from Freddie. He rang the other three members and asked them to come to the studio, where the writing and recording sessions were taped 🎶

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